SFDA Payments

What is SFDA Payments?

It is a system where the user is able to issue and print a payment invoice and pay the issued invoice using the payment method that is provided by the system.

The users of GHAD system can issue their invoice by choosing the department and service then there will be a specific form for each service with the total fee of the service and filling the required fields is a must in order to finish up the invoice issuing process.

After the payment the user must attach a copy of the issued invoice from the system in addition of the receipt of the invoice payment of the transaction given to the relevant sector, Then the employee that specializes in information matching will match the name of the entity name on the invoice with the name that is shown in the transaction and check that the bill has been payed through the system and symbolize it as a used invoice. More Info

How to do I create an invoice?


Using Ghad account


Select a commercial register from the commercial registers that belongs to your account

Fill form

Select service and fill the required information

The invoice has been issued successfully

Now you can pay the invoice